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Katharas Audio Recording & Production Studio

The studio has been designed by Mr.Satish Gupta ( Senior sound Engineer & 4 times IIFA award winner for best sound engineering ) and Mr.Vibhor Saini ( Director – Saraswati Music College ) after intensive research and calculations. It took 4 years to get it perfectly made, during which period the acoustics of the rooms were intensively measured and materials and designs were changed or rectified accordingly.

The studio has been made almost like a Bunker ! , 100 % underground, with 2 feet soil even above its roof and no building structure on top of it. It has been constructed away from the main building to cut down any noise traveling through the RCC / walls of the main building. The sound studio is as per the latest world standards in acoustics. All acoustic materials, even the wood used in its construction has been imported from USA and Germany. The acoustic panels, sound diffusers and absorbers etc have been designed and installed in such a way that they can be shifted, twisted, moved around and removed or added to alter the room’s acoustics and the RT ( for both the control and the MIC room ). Having a Fixed RT with age old acoustic panels ( generally seen in studios ) is a thing of the past !

The air conditioning is done with long lengths of acoustically designed air ducts to eliminate the noise of the blower of the indoor units. The AC’s are therefore dead silent and yet chilling.

Audio Production Facility

  •    Neumann U87 Microphone
  •    Large Audio Recording Studios
  •     Can double up as a shooting floor for Interview-based / Chat shows
  •     Fully equipped with state of the art Audio gears & tools
  •     Experienced Audio Personnel at hand

Podcast Recording Studio

All the tools you need to record a podcast, from basic to professional podcast recordings, high-quality audio podcast, and video recordings. Katharas studio is the best podcast studio one can look for.

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