Video Studio

Video Production Studio  : Katharas Studio

Katharas Video Studio is a world class facility comprising of a large Shooting Floor with all the relevant infra-structure. Built in over 1400 sq ft area with 16ft clear ceiling height, the video studio is equipped with 40 kVA lighting, is fully air-conditioned with full power back-up and is sound-proofed and acoustically treated to audio recording studio standards and can therefore be used as audio studio for live band recording. Attached with the studio are 2 green Rooms (200 sq ft. & 100 sq ft.) and a large PCR/MCR (350 sq ft.) for your Production / Post-Production needs. See on Google Map Click here

Video Production Facility

  1. Neumann U87 Microphone
  2. 1400 sq ft Shooting Floor Area
  3. 16 ft Height
  4. Two large attached Green Rooms
  5. Silent Air-Conditioning
  6. Full Power Back-up
  7. Large separate entry for the props/sets
  8. Can double up as audio studio

Audio Recording Studio